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"Pets are Family" Bumper Sticker
Designed in 2014 by Lin Norman-Lyman
and Cynthia Vanaudenhove






"Stop Animal Abuse" Poster
Designed in 2013 by Jo-Ann DeCurtis-Sutcliffe


Windwalker's vision is to build a better world for people and animals through the profession of Pet Assisted Therapy.


Windwalker's philosophy is two-faceted:

    Therapy pets must be family members and their eagerness and spontaneity is our guide in the profession;

    Pet assisted therapy facilitators must be educated in pet assisted therapy within a college or university environment, just as other professionals.


Windwalker's mission is for the profession of pet assisted therapy to be integrated into health care, rehabilitation, social services, and education at all levels and to advocate for the well being of animals and humans.  To accomplish this, Windwalker members strive:

  • To gain national recognition for the profession of pet assisted therapy as a curriculum
  • To continue to develop and monitor the highest standards in professional pet assisted therapy ethics, guidelines, and curriculum
  • To provide a network of shared experiences, learning, and mentoring for individuals studying, practicing, or advocating in the field
  • To collaborate with like-minded people to build a better world for all living things through social reform initiatives, public policy legislation, and speaking out against violence toward animals and people
  • To inspire the development of PPAT treatment programs for individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities, as well as individuals who are elderly, abused, or incarcerated
  • To promote the development of PPAT education programs at all levels, from preschool to university and beyond
  • To enhance public awareness of the tragic link of abuse between humans and animals, and to provide education in order to prevent the ongoing cycle
  • To honor every pet as family
  • To honor and respect all of our family therapy pets as family first
  • To honor the memory of our family therapy pets who remain in our hearts forever and to remember their very special contribution to our profession and to society through the beautiful gift of their love given so freely and unconditionally

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