The Windwalker Humane Coalition

Executive Board

Executive Board Members

Founder: Pearl Salotto


President: Cheryl Ficarra

Vice President: Leslie Sittlow

Secretary: Amy Rajack

Treasurer: Karen Lewis

Board Members at Large:
Phyllis Kaczynski
Sheila Smith
Annie Olean
Pat Kane
Kate Hibbard

Windwalker Advisory Board

Peter Belinsky, DVM
Richard and Paula Bolig
Linda Jones - Business Manager
The Honorable Paul T. Jones
Jeffery Logan, DVM

Committee Chairs

Linda Jones and Susan Olson

Public Relations
Cynthia Vanaudenhove

Cynthia Vanaudenhove

Emeritus Board Members
Jo-Ann Sutcliffe, President Emeritus
Cynthia Vanaudenhove, President Emeritus
Linda Jones, President Emeritus
Clare Senecal, President Emeritus
Phyllis Kaczynski, Acting President Emeritus
Linda Norman-Lyman, Vice President Emeritus
Maureen Butler, Vice President Emeritus
Michelle Losardo, Vice President Emeritus
Gary Cournoyer, Vice President Emeritus
Lynne Messina, Secretary Emeritus
Patti Durant, Secretary Emeritus
Jeanne Bazelak, Secretary Emeritus
Mary Ann Lord, Treasurer Emeritus
Lucille Hopkins, Treasurer Emeritus

Special Acknowledgments
Honoring those who helped Windwalker become what it is today...

Lisa Carter
Elizabeth Dennigan, Esq.
Ed Egan
Alice Freeman
Rick Gamache
Representative Alfred Gemma
Marci Obringer
Mario Papitto
William Pellicio
Lori Salotto
Gina Santoro
Clarissa Uttley, PhD
Kim Waggoner, LICSW
Robert Whitcomb

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