The Windwalker Humane Coalition

Code of Ethics for Guardian Professional
Pet Assisted Therapy Facilitators

[Pearl Salotto, 2013] - These statements describe the ethics of the D.J. Movement
which are embraced by the Windwalker Humane Coalition for Professional Pet Assisted Therapy.

The Guardian Pet Assisted Therapy Facilitator will:

  • Recognize that the family therapy pet is a member of the family and that the bond of love, trust and understanding between the Pet Assisted Therapy Facilitator (Guardian) and the family therapy pet is the basis for all programming.
  • Recognize that the family therapy pet's spontaneity, enthusiasm and eagerness to interact, as well as the (FTP's) interests and personality shall, at all times, be our guide in the field.
  • Recognize that his/her family therapy pet needs to have the confidence to feel comfortable and eager in new, as well as in old, environments.

The Pet Assisted Therapy Facilitator (PATF) will:

  • Work with the agency liaison to develop ethical guidelines respecting and protecting all parties involved, as well as program components including written referrals, consents, goal setting, documentation and PR protocol, as well as confidentiality guidelines.
  • Be a role model at home and in the community for the respect of all living things at all times.
  • Be an advocate for the profession of Pet Assisted Therapy, "DJ Style"1 locally and nationally.
  • Attempt to use language reflective of the D.J. movement, which includes: family therapy pet instead of companion dog; guardian instead of owner; credentialing instead of certifying; treatment instead of visitation; experiences instead of training; D.J. Pet Therapy instead of Pet Therapy, work with pets instead of use pets.
  • Understand and communicate that our work benefits our pets as well as people.
  • Be an active member (in addition to running the PATF's own program) of the Windwalker Humane Coalition for Professional Pet Assisted Therapy which involves working with like-minded people to build a better world for people and animals, through Windwalker outreaches, projects, events, professional development meetings and welcoming and inspiring those new to our profession.
  • Educate others about the link of abuse and about the rights and feelings of all living things.
  • Recognize that, in addition to assuming the "awesome" responsibility of this profession, we also need to allow ourselves to experience the joy that our pets and clients do.

1. "D.J. Style" - Maureen Butler coined this expression as a student in the DJ PAT Course I. It means that the uniqueness of this program is due to the ethics of putting our pets first, with their eagerness to interact, as our determining criteria.

Rev. 4/27/13

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