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Honorary Team
Pearl Salotto with DJ, Maj-En, Panda Girl & Angel

Active Teams
(as of June 27, 2024)

            Paula Allaire-Adams - Benny's Buddies
            Ray Rex Atkins II with Harry
            Darcie Ayer with Smith - Smiles with Smith
            Jeanne Bazelak, LICSW, with Jake - Jake and Jeanne
            Rita Calabrese with Hope - Hope
            Judith M. Carlson with Oliver - Reading and Writing with Oliver
            Bruce Cummings with Wags and Gracie - Canine Presence
            Gale K. Cummings with Tori - Canine Presence
            Dr. Janice DeFrances with Harry - Spreading Hope
            Morgan Deschene, LICSW, with Clover - Clover's Kids
            July DeSousa with Mia - "Grateful with Our Life"
            Cyndi Dewhurst with Scout - Smile with Scout
            John Dunay with Winston - Moments with Win
            Christine Emond, LICSW, with CoCo - Pet Therapy Visits for Colleagues with Coco & Coco's Connections
            Amy Gaddes with Tillie - Tillie Time
            Anne E. Gendron with Lady
            Cindy Gorriaran and Zola - Pet Time with Zola
            Annette Harris, LICSW, with Briggs - Cole's Lab Experiment
            Noelle Harris with Mr. Cleo
            Kathleen Healey with Birdie - A Better Day with Birdie
            Dr. Katherine L. Hibbard with Isabel and Big Bob - Blue Heron Pet Assisted Therapy
            Donna Hogan with Lucy Lu - Laughs and Love with Lucy Lu
            Nicole Iannelli with Milo - Love on a Leash
            Linda Jeans with Scout
            Yusra Johanson, LICSW, with Lana Banana - The Rescue Remedy
            Pat Kane with Abbey - Paws to Play
            Debbie Knight with Sully - Golden Touch PPAT
            Kerri Lanzieri, LICSW with Gillette - Mindful Mutts
            Marsha E. Lawton-Daras with Eli and Remington - Embracing You with Loving Paws
            Linda Leonardo with Bono - Andy's Nose Desires You
            Karen Lewis with Lily Rose - Shirley Tempos
            Sheri Lough with Georgiana - Good Times with Georgi
            Doreen Manchester with Buddy - "Love Bud" Professional Pet Therapy
            Dr. Joyce Martin with Freddy- Fridays with Freddy
            Heidi Mayers with Lizzie - Lizzie's Therapy Tales
            Mary E. McNulty with Callie - Who Rescued Who K9 Assisted Therapy
            Dr. E. Claire McWilliams with Petey - Petey's Pals
            Suzanne Moniz with Sherlock - Fluffy Love
            Susan Moore with Riley - Relax with Riley
            Carlos Moreilla with Mia - Soul Therapy Dogs
            Patricia Murphy, MSW/LICSW with Fergus - Paws for Comfort
            Julie Notarianni, LICSW, with Stella and Cora - Bundles of Joy
            Ann Olean with KarRa and Molly - Growing with Grace
            Susan Olson with Pickle - Pickle and Pals
            MaryAnn Perez with Benito - Pawsitive Thoughts with Benito
            Amy Rajack with Ben - Ben's Buddies
            Amber Ramey with Mavis - Massage with Mavis
            Robert Richards with Luna - Lounging with Luna
            Janice Robertson, LICSW, with Jasmine - Joy with Jasmine
            Corrine Rossi with Gus - Growth with Gus
            George Sarganis with Petey - Petey's Pals
            Margaret Schwab with Violet and Reidy - Reading with Reidy
            Leslie Sittlow with Litza - Love of Litza
            Anna Snow with Autumn - Share the Love
            Jo-Ann Sutcliffe with Shannon and Maggie Mae - My Irish Paws
            Linda Tavares with Scooby -  Scooby's Gentle Paws
            Marilyn Thayer with Merlin and Morgan - Reading with Miss Marilyn's Spaniels
            Liz Tierney with Phoenix - Lifting Spirits
            Sharon Toner with Moto - Team Toner
            Michaela Turbitt with Baxter
            Judy Van Wyk with River - Peace Train
            Gina Vessella, LICSW, with Fred - Adventures with Fred Dog
            Kim Wetherald with Wilson - Wandering Wilson
            Richard Wilkinson with Griffin - Friends of Niko

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