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We are happy to announce, in partnership with URI, the date and location for the next DJ Course 1:
* September 9th at 6:30pm *
Elmhurst Rehabilitation Center, 50 Maude St, Providence, RI
Please contact Cynthia at
djppat@gmail.com for more specific details about the classes
and all three courses that make up the DJ program.

10 student max
Preregistration is suggested.
 Click on "DJ" button below to pre-register/enroll.


Pearl Salotto began her teaching, inspired by D.J., at the State University of New York, College at Brockport in 1990.

Moving to Rhode Island in the early 90s, and with Maj-En joining the family in 1995, Pearl subsequently began teaching her Pet Assisted Therapy program at CCRI, where it remained for close to 20 years. Then a move to Providence College and now, as of 2024, a new partnership with the University of Rhode Island.

Panda Girl joined the family in 1999, as Pearl's program continues to be founded on her unique two-fold philosophy. Pearl is guided by her passionate belief that therapy pets must be bonded with and be family members of the PAT Facilitator and that their eagerness and spontaneity is our guide in the field.

DJ Class of 2014 receives certificates from Cynthia Vanaudenhove and Theo & Guin

Pearl's program, now called The D.J., Maj-En & Panda Girl Inspired Professional Pet Assisted Therapy Certificate Program, includes three courses:

  1. Course I, The Ethical Foundation of PAT, includes lectures, discussions, visiting credentialed PPAT facilitators, with their family pets, as guest lecturers, videos and field trips. We cover research in the profession, history, ethical, legal and safety issues, the link of abuse, The"D.J. Respect for Living Things" program (a pet-inspired violence prevention and anti-bullying program), as well as how to set up goal oriented, treatment based programs.

    10-12 week evening classes, one of which is temperament testing of pets.
  2. Course II, Building the Bond: Hands-On/Paws-On Learning, family therapy pets along with their guardians, are provided the opportunity to experience sights and sounds of facilities where they will work, including elevators, wheelchairs, fire alarms, patients in bed, etc. This course includes lectures, practice and field trips. Ultimate goal for Course II students is to apply what they have learned in Course I, as they develop over the weeks of Course II experience and learning into safe, ethical and effective PAT Teams. There will be a mid-term evaluation to determine progress and a final evaluation.

    This course is 8 weekly classes and
    is held at Elmhurst Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, 50 Maude St., Providence, RI.
  3. Course III, Experiencing the Joy, students and their family therapy pets will actually have an opportunity to provide PAT treatment. This 20 hour internship experience is also part of the program and is typically divided into 2 segments.

    Part A is generally at one of our training sites: Internship sites include Elmhurst Heathcare & Rehabilitation Center under Heather Siravo, The Village of Waterman Lake under Cynthia Vanaudenhove, Eleanor Slater Hospital/ Zambarano Unit Hospital under Cynthia Vanaudenhove, West Warwick Library under Lin Norman-Lyman, Webster Street School under Shannon Biurrun and The Friendly Home under Cheryl Ficarra.

    Part B starts after the completion of 10 hours (generally 1 hour/week). Students in Part B, for an additional 10 hours, will create their own PAT program in a facility which previously has not had one, based on their pet's personality and interests, as well as their desire to build a better world.

This program not only provides benefits to countless individuals, but is such a win-win situation, because for the "natural" therapy pet, their lives are enriched in ways beyond measure – which one has to experience to truly appreciate.

In our humble opinion, there is hardly anything in the human experience as fulfilling as seeing your beloved pet so happy, while bringing joy to others, as well.

For further information on the program please feel free to contact Director Cynthia Vanaudenhove at 401-309-4225 or DJppat24@gmail.com

Visit the PPAT website to learn more: www.djppat.com


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